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Daily Experience


Daily Experience


Drop Off & Arrival


Children and parents greet teachers and each other and pick a job community job for the day. Our jobs are based around the premise that you can take care of your own needs, but that you need to take care of the needs of people in your community too.

A child's role in the Community

Some jobs are quite simple, others take more time and energy and might need to be revisited during the course of the day. All jobs benefit everyone in our community and beyond. Every job starts with training until the child has developed the expertise to perform the job on their own. This gives a child a tremendous sense of authentic purpose and value. 


Here is a sampling of jobs that the Early Childhood Students will sign up for: 

  • Photographer - Our photographers documents learning and playing at IFS, chooses their best pictures, prints them and puts them on the Documentation Wall. 
  • Bakers - Our Bakers help with a wide variety of baking & cooking for our snack time. This might include: bagels, bread, scones, muffins, cakes, cheesy snacks, and varied snacks from around the world. We bake and cook every day. 
  • Table setters - Our Table setters set beautiful and inviting tables for their friends and teachers to enjoy. They also wipe down tables, and stack the chairs. 
  • Gardeners - Our Gardeners help with composting, pull carrots and pick fresh vegetables. All children work in the garden but the gardeners have special tools and special jobs to perform. 
  • Yoghurt Makers - We make fresh yoghurt at IFS and our yoghurt makers help to mix, and pour the wet yoghurt into jars, and place into the fridge. 
  • Paper/Wrapping Paper/Book Makers - We recycle all of our paper towels, scrap paper and other un-soiled paper and create pulp which is then used for new art studio paper, wrapping paper and books which we sell for Non-Profits focusing on Deforestation. 
  • Organic Body Products - Our students will learn how to make organic body butters, deodorants, scrubs and shampoos out of natural products. We sell these to benefit other Non-Profits focusing on Women's health and Deforestation. 
  • Weather Reporters - Our reporters check the weather and give a full weather report in the target language. 
  • And many more! 
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Morning Circle & Movement

This is our community time. Children are grouped in their target language (a mix of 3 and 4 year olds) and we really allow ourselves to enjoy music, movement, yoga, dance, gymnastics. We have a variety of musical instruments and we role model for the children how to play with music and how to enjoy how our body moves. 

Small Group Activities based on an Emergent Curriculum

We group the children in our Project Time based on their emergent interests - are they attentive to insects, fascinated with wheels or engaged with shadows at the light table? We will devise units of study with the children that will explore their interests and validate the curiosities that they have. Many of these units are Science based as the children are often fascinated with natural phenomenon. 


Everyday, students spend time in the Art Studio learning new procedures and techniques, making original and amazing art, and exploring a wide range of choice stations. 

Embracing the Outdoors

Students spend a lot of time outside in all types of weather. There is space to run, walls to climb, gardens to tend to, woodworking to be done, walls to make and invitations to explore many other things


In our early years of operation, students will be expected to bring healthy lunches from home. We ask that all meals do not contain any meat products. We will provide hot, nutritious and yummy snacks both in the morning, and before pick-up time. We see meals as a lovely, slow way to enjoy each other and the conversations that might be born of sharing meals. 

Literacy both in the Target Language and in English

Our students are invited to listen to stories in both English and the Target Language. We adore early exposure to book talk where we wonder about a lot of important things; the setting, the characters, the motivations, the difference between fiction and non-fiction and the structure of books. 

It's an enriching, loving, creative and language rich day!