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Diversity & Multiculturalism

Diversity & Multiculturalism



As a Friends School, we are nurtured, and revitalized by the various perspectives and experiences in our community. We need these voices to be heard. We embrace the diversity among us. 

In order to build an inclusive community, we are very mindful about the gifts that religion, race, sexual orientation gender, and socio-economic status bring to our community. 

We believe that children's growing understanding of humanity, how to accept the differences between us, and how to fairly view issues of equality, come from learning and growing in a highly diverse setting. 


We include multiculturalism into our daily life by preparing and tasting food from around the world, participating in major world festivals such as Holi (Hindu), Eid el-Fitr (Muslim) and Chinese New Year (Buddhist) and exploring in a responsive way the cultures that are present in our classroom. This is multicultural learning far beyond samosas and spring rolls. 

Multiculturalism at IFS is our system of beliefs and behaviors that shows respect for the presence of all diverse groups. We demonstrate appreciation for their socio-cultural practices, traditions and religious beliefs by actively exploring those represented at our school, but also in the world at large. 

Every year on their birthday, children will have the opportunity to create to poster that reflects their family life, customs, beliefs and other cultural practices. We return to view these many times noting the similarities between the people that we love, and activities that we cherish and the differences in what our families may believe. 

Our global competency lens brings multiculturalism into the robust, confusing, brilliant and critical place that we feel it belongs in our learning.